Why So Many People Are Disappointed In The Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer!

So the Sonic The Hedgehog trailer above was recently released and it has since received a very poor response from the gaming community. The trailer above is almost split 50/50 down the middle between likes and dislikes. Considering that the standard for a movie trailer is around 90/10 likes to dislikes, it should give a good idea of how bad people feel about it.

So, they have made Sonic an alien now who goes around making wisecracks with the military and Dr Robotinc trying to catch him for various reasons. In addition to this, the general opinion seems to be that the CGI for Sonic has been poorly done and that the human teeth that he is sporting in the trailer above make the character look more like a monster than a hero.

Although we feel that this movie would have been right at home in the Eighties or early Nineties, we are currently in 2019 and gaming movies have totally upped their game over the years. The trailer got so much stick on social media and sites like Reddit that a press release has been put out confirming that they are going to reword the CGI on Sonic but we can’t help feeling that it will be a case of too little, too late.


This has resulted in a number of memes being produced about the movie like the one above and the trailer has only been online a few days. If the apparent leaks of the story line are anything to go by, we feel that the movie may be a hit with some very young gamers who probably don’t even know who Sonic is but be a total flop when it comes to the people who grew up actually playing the various Sonic The Hedgehog games.