Vivitar DVR917HD Review!

We have decided to publish a Vivitar dvr917hd review in an attempt to warn as many people as possible about just how poor the performance of this entry-level action camera is. Although ten years ago, this type of performance from a camera at this price point in the market was commonplace but the Vivitar range has simply been left for dust by their competition.

Rather than become stagnant and stop innovating their products as Vivitar have, competing budget friendly action camera brands are doing everything they can to make the best products possible. Brands like Campack and Asako keep innovating their entry-level cameras and dominating the niche beating the Vivitar action cameras in every single way.

The video below was recorded using the Vivitar dvr917hd and it shows the level of image quality, video quality, and audio quality that you can expect when using the camera.

Believe it or not, the video above actually shows a decent audio quality by dvr917hd standards as there are a ton of reports from people saying their cameras simply don’t record audio at all when in use. Cameras like this is one of the main reasons so many people questions if the entry-level action cameras are even worth picking up.

As we touched on above, the Akaso and Campack brands tent to produce solid products and that’s why they own so much of the market share. The video below was recorded using the Akaso Brave 4 and does a great job of showing what you can get for a similar price to the dvr917hd.

As you can see, it offers superior image quality and its 4K video performance is much better than what the dvr917hd offers you. Considering the Brave 4 comes in at a very similar price point to the Vivitar dvr917hd, we would always recommend that you pick it up instead.