Tips For Starting A YouTube Channel!

More and more young people are classing social media influencer/YouTuber as their goal profession in the future. Although it seems easy, it does require an absolute ton of work as well as a fair amount of luck to make it in this industry.

This is why we have decided to publish this article covering our key tips to becoming a successful YouTuber to try and help stack the odds in your favor. This should help maximize your chances of success while also minimizing your chances of failure.

In our opinion, the absolute best way to be successful as a YouTuber in this day and age is to be helpful. Everyone has a set of hobbies that they are able to share with the world and use to their advantage. For example, there are YouTube channels ranging from cooking to tabletop gaming, to rock collecting, to painting. Starting a niche channel around your hobby and sharing your knowledge is an excellent way to get people interested and increase the chances of likes on your videos and viewers choosing to become subscribers.

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In our opinion, the next best way to grow your base is to be controversial with your channel. With the left and right being so polarised right now, there are a ton of channels that have came out and proven to be successful due to being controversial. Although you will essentially alienate a large number of people out there, the strategy is to play to your base and increase the chances of those subscribing to you.

In our opinion, the final type of content that is worth putting our is an attempt at entertaining content but we feel that this niche is quickly dying. People who watch YouTube videos are maturing and the old school fake pranks are becoming more and more annoying.

The entertainment channel space is packed with competing channels and the viewer base is declining month by month so we would recommend either of the content types above over an attempt at an entertainment channel.

So now you have your content, you have to get out there and promote it! Depending on your content niche, you have a few options that will fall into your strategy. For example, social media is a great option for entertainment and controversial style channels as the videos may go viral. On the flip side of this, if you are doing a review or tutorial style channel Social Media can be a poor promotion option.

If you are doing a helpful type of channel then YouTube SEO and YouTube Sidebar SEO should be your starting point. Although YouTube is a video based site, it is also the second largest search engine in the western world. After this you should be considering trying your hand at traditional search engine SEO to help bring in a constant stream of traffic.

Since the ad revenue on YouTube is collapsing, you have to diversify your income right out the gate to ensure that you can keep focusing on YouTube for as long as possible. With programs like Patreon and the Brave Verified Publisher scheme being so popular there is no reason that you can’t use them from the get go.

Once your channel becomes for established you can move into having your own merchandise or have your own branded items. Depending on the niche of your channel you may also be able to get involved with affiliate marketing and sponsored content too.