Should You Be Drinking Fizzy Drinks On The Keto Diet?

More and more people are catching on to how effective the Keto Diet can actually be for them. Due to this, we have noticed a bunch of questions on forums, social media, and on keto based social bookmarking sites about what you can and can’t have on the diet.

Without a doubt, the main one that we keep seeing posted is about fizzy drinks on the keto diet. In the west, brands like Coke and Pepsi literally spend millions each year to essentially get people to build habits around drinking their products.

As the Keto diet is based around cutting out all carbohydrates, the full sugar regular drinks like Coke Cola are not permitted on the diet but that said, the majority of the diet variants of the drinks are. That said, you should not drink more than two cans per day of the diet variant while on keto as you risk falling out of ketosis.

Diet Coke
On the flip side of this though, some popular drinks brands out there actually use sweeteners that are able to kick some people out of ketosis. It is all down to your own body and how it deals with the artificial sugars. After a little research, it would seem that both Aspartame and Acesulfame K are the least likely sweeteners to knock your body out of ketosis.

That said, on the flip side of this, both of these sweeteners are the regular ones used in diet fizzy drinks in Europe but in North America, the FDA regulations allow for a whole bunch of other artificial sweeteners to be used. We would recommend that you always read the lable of your drink before drinking.

On top of this, different countries usually have a slightly different recipe for popular drinks. For example, a Diet Coke from Europe could be fine for ketosis but a Diet Coke from the USA may kick you out.



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If possible, try to switch your fizzy drink habit over to drinking either a high-quality tea or a high-quality coffee as both as totally fine on Keto provided that you don’t add any sugar to them. If your goal for going on the keto diet is to drop weight then the caffeine in tea and coffee can actually help assist you with your weightloss anyway.