Our Thoughts On The Final Season Of Game Of Thrones!



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So the long-awaited final season of Game Of Thrones starts tonight with fans all around the world coming out with their predictions so I thought that I would share a few of my own! Now if you have been keeping up with the series then everyone will be expecting a large number of main character deaths so we will actually be saving our death predictions for another post in the future.



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Our first prediction is that Hodor will actually come back in the final season but rather than being his regular happy self, he will actually be either a regular White that Bran Stark along with Jogen and Meira Reid fought outside of the tree of the Greenseer or as an actually white walker with the blue eyes and everything!

Although we doubt that there will be any significance to this, we feel it would be a nice final tip of the hat to one of the most loved characters from the show for the final season.

A Game of Thrones - Brienne of Tarth

Next up, we have Lady Brienne of Tarth who has served her fair share of kings, lords, and ladies throughout the show. Although the person she is serving may have changed a fair bit over the years, she has had this on-off kind of romance going with Jamie Lannister for some time now.

Although Jamie was previously madly in love with his twin sister, he was finally seen her for the evil queen that she is. After betraying her in the final episode of the previous season, we feel that there may yet be a chance for Brienne and Jamie.



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Our final prediction is regarding Bran Stark. After we realized that Bran is able to time travel with his mind when Warging in the episode where Hodor died, we think that Bran may actually end up being the Night King.

Although we have seen the clip of the children of the forest making the night king shown in the YouTube clip below, we think that there may end up being some timeline effect involved due to brans Warging.

Following on from this theory, we think that there could be a plot twist where the night king actually ends up being a sort of good guy. By this we mean that although his methods are bad, his actual goals and intentions are for the overall good of everyone.