Our Akaso V50 Review Post!

We have finally got the spare time we need to publish our Akaso V50 review post that we have had on our to-do list for quite some time now so thought we would sit down and smash this post out. With more and more people feeling the pinch, the budget-friendly action cam market has exploded in popularity over the last few years with the premium brands like GoPro losing large portions of market share to the entry level brands like Asako.

Not only are the GoPro cameras extremely expensive, they don’t really offer much other than branding over the high-quality entry-level action cams these days. Now, don’t get me wrong, the entry-level action camera market is a total minefield piled with terrible products but the Akaso camera range is amazing.

Rather than try and set themselves up as a premium action camera brand and fight an uphill battle, they focused on being the go-to entry-level action camera brand of choice. Due to all of the hard work and dedication that they put in, Akaso has raised the bar for budget-friendly action cameras with each subsequent generation of camera that they have released.

With the Akaso V50 being their latest camera on the market, it is jam-packed with all of their latest technology boasting 4K video recording up to 60 frames per second too! This is a massive milestone for the entry-level action camera market to reach as Akaso and Campark have kind of had their own little battle going to see who could reach it first.

In addition to the full 4K video, the V50 also supports 1080p as well as an extremely high frame rate 720p with 240 frames per second! This keeps you covered for pretty much any video footage requirements that you can think of while out enjoying your extreme sport of choice.

The build in digital image stabilization was already leading the entry level market back in the Akaso Brave 4 but the tech has been developed even further for the V50 and it is excellent. In our opinion, it beats the performance of the higher price point Garmin range without issue.

Due to this, the V50 is a very popular camera and has a ton of reviews online now that you can check out for further information. We have embedded the YouTube video review of the Akaso V50 below as we feel that it is one of the better video reviews on the market.

When it comes to still photography, the V50 is able to capture photos in a resolution of up to 20MP while also having some excellent low light performance too.

We always try to find at least one major fault with each product that we review but everything on the V50 is outstanding from build quality to performance, to battery life, to the navigation menu. We simply couldn’t find fault with it and would definatley recommend it to anyone wanting to pick up a great little action cam.

We even feel that the V50 should be considered of the majority of the mid ranged action cams on the market right now as its technology and performance is better than many of them while currently being around half of the cost.