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We Think That This Is The Best Substrate For Corn Snakes!

More and more people are starting to switch over to using a natural, eco-friendly substrate for their pets as the distinct lack of preservatives within these substrates offer a healthier base layer for your pet. In our opinion, the best substrate for corn snakes available right now is definatley the Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding.

Since its release onto the market a few years back, this cypress mulch based substrate has only gone from strength to strength with it earning larger shares of the market each month. In addition to this, the reputation of the substrate is also increasing at a steady space amongst corn snake owners as well as people who own various types of spiders, lizards, and frogs.

Corn snake
As Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding is totally organic, it has zero chemicals or preservatives added to it removing the risk of any respiratory issues in your snake. Its organic nature and ease to break down also massively reduces the chances of the mulch causing any impactation in your snake either.

If you have owned your corn snake for any long period of time, you will know that your substrate is going to need cleaning as a part of your regular maintenance. Thankfully, in our opinion at least, cypress mulch is without a doubt, one of the easiest substrates to maintain and clean. It literally takes a few seconds out of your day and you can totally clean it and ensure you are giving your corn snake a nice and clean habitat.

As this is a Zoo Med substrate, it should be no surprise that you can pretty much get it at any pet store or via a massive number of online retail stores. We feel that this is a massive benefit as it lets you keep using the same substrate for your snake indefinitely without having to change it up each month letting your snake become comfortable with its habitat.

The video below is a third-party review from an independent corn snake owner sharing their thoughts on what the best substrate for corn snakes is. We feel that the video does an excellent job of getting their points across while also offering a few alternative substrates that you are able to go with if you don’t feel like using cypress mulch.

The cypress mulch substrate offers a great little surface for your snake to live on and is relatively close to what corn snakes may live on in the wild depending on where they live. Additionally, you are able to easily mount additional accessories in your snake’s tank with easy too as the mulch is firm and will act as a firm base rather than anything you add to the tank sinking or falling over.

Anyway, there are a large number of corn snake care sheets online that you can read if you like to get a ton of additional tips on how you can best care for your pet snake. If you are new to owning corn snakes we would highly recommend that you check one out if you have the time.