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How To Install A Whiteboard In Your Home!

Although we are living in an increasingly digital world, there is one strange trend that is catching on that is distinctly taking a step back from technology. More and more people are choosing to use whiteboards in their homes for various uses.

Be it in the kitchen to write down your shopping list, in your home office to write down your to do list, in your garage to track your hobby or for something totally different. Due to this, we have seen a bunch of people reaching out to ask how they can best install their whiteboards in their homes as shown in the image below.

org chart
Without a doubt, the main problem that we see comes down to people choosing the wall randomly. A standard drywall installation can be decent but over time, if you have a large whiteboard it can start to take its toll on the wall. Thicker more sturdy walls like a load-bearing wall tend to be better and although the screws you get included with your whiteboard should be fine, there is usually no harm in using any longer ones you have in home.

Anyway, this is much easier if you have two people as one can hold the whiteboard in place while the other screws it in. If you do have to do this single-handedly then think of things that you can use to help you in your home. For example, we have seen some YouTube videos where people simply use a broom pushed to the bottom of the whiteboard to help keep it up, they then lean against it to hold it in place and have two hands-free to screw it in the wall.

On the flip side of this, if you do only want your whiteboard for your kitchen then a simple magnetic whiteboard as shown in the image below will be perfect. They are much easier to use as you simply place it on your fridge door and it will mount itself similar to a fridge magnet.

fridge whiteboard