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A Basic Feiyutech A1000 Review To Help Our Readers!

So, we have seen a constant increase in the number of people wanting to pick up a cheap gimbal over the last few months for a number of reasons. Be it due to the freelance videography scene becoming more and more competitive or if it is down you wanting to up your YouTuve game, we have the perfect Gimbale for you.

In this article covering our Feiyutech A1000 review, we are going to be covering why we feel that this could be the answer to all of your problems. It is very well built having one of the best build qualities of all the entry level gimbals systems on the market right now. In addition to this, the performance of the A1000 is second to none at this price point too. Finally, its feature list is massive and easily lets the gimbal compete with higher price point gimbals on the market without question.


The 3.75-pound maximum payload capacity of the A1000 also ensures that it can carry the vast majority of cameras on the market right now only excluding some of the absolute heaviest DSLRs. This alone sets it ahead of its competition as many of them have a maximum upper payload of less than 2 pounds.

When using the A1000 you can quickly and easily switch between recording your video footage with your smartphone, then switch over to your mirrorless camera, then switch over to your action cam, and finally, switch over to your point and shoot camera.

This is very rare at this price point in the market and the 3.75 pound payload ensures that there is plenty of spare payload for your lens of choice to ensure that you can get the best possible video footage with the gimbal.

Nebula 5100 - Gimbal
The actual hand grip on the gimbal stabilizer is a little different to the ones that its competitors use so it will take you a little while to get used to it. After a while though, it will become like second nature to you with the gimbal and your mounted camera rig simply feeling like an extension of your arm.

When held in your hand, you are able to control the majority of the gimbals settings via the directional pad using your thumb. If you are wanting to control the gimbal remotley then you can use a dedicated remote control or the free Feiyutech smartphone app that is suprisingly easy to use when compaired to the apps of some of the other gimbal brands.

Although the internal anti-shake algorithm on the Feiyutech A1000 did get some stick upon release as it had a few bugs, Feiyutech have since ironed these out via a few firmware updates over the last year or so. That said, if you do choose to pick this gimbal up then be sure to ensure that it is running the latest firmware via the built-in, easy to use auto-update system.

When running correctly, the anti-shake algorithm ensures that the A1000 is able to provide all the image stabilization that you could ever need for your camera. This is why the A1000 is so popular with so many reviews of the gimbal being online these days.

The video below is one of the many independent YouTube reviews of the A1000 that we feel may be beneficial for our readers to check out if they have the free time available.

As the a1000 is an entry level gimbal system, we would highly recommend that our readers check out this gimbal videography guide that will help you get the best results out of the gimbal with minimal effort. We feel this combination will help you get your gimbal skills up to scratch while ensuring that you are able to capture the best possible image quality with minimal effort.

The Best Entry Level Flash Unit For A Sony Camera – Godox TT350S Review!

As you can tell from the title, we are massive fans of the Godox TT350S and really do think that it deserves the title of the best entry-level camera flash currently on the market if you own a Sony camera body. So much so that we actually ended up deciding on publishing this dedicated article going over why we feel it is such a great little camera flash.

We have lost count of the number of new photographers who use a Sony camera as their current camera of choice and end up picking up some poor quality entry-level flash unit simply due to there being so many poor products on the market. Thankfully, this no longer has to be the case as you can quickly, easily, and cheaply improve your flash photography performance by picking up the Godox TT350S.

flash photography
Considering its price point in the market, the TT350S really does have both an excellent build quality as well as an excellent design. This makes the flash unit very easy to use and get the most out of while also making it robust enough to take a few knocks without breaking.

Godox has also taken a bunch of feedback onboard from their previous generations of flash unit and totally overhauled their navigation menu. This has made is simple, smooth, and very easy to navigate even if you are not used to using a Godox flash unit.

The popularity of the Godox TT350S within the Sony camera owning community is steadily growing and its reputation is excellent. Many other photographers who own the Godox TT350S have chosen to post their own independent reviews of the flash unit too due to loving it so much.

The TT350S has a number of commonly used modes included as standard including manual mode, multi-flash mode, auto flash mode, and remote mode. Its wireless functionality including full 2.4G compatibility. This ensures that you can remotely trigger the flash unit with a number of different accessories while also using it as part of a multi-flash set up if required.

At the time of writing, the TT350S is fully compatible with the A7, A7R, A7S, A7 II, A7R II, A7S II, A6300, and A6000. That said, a number of firmware updates have been released for the camera over the years so we wouldn’t be surprised if additional ones were released in the future to add any new Sony cameras to the list as time goes on.

We always see people expecting the TT350S to have poor battery life due to it being such a budget-friendly camera but in all fairness to the flash, it definatley holds its own when it comes to battery life. Depending on the batteries you choose to put in it as well as your camera settings you can expect from two hundred to two hundred and fifty flash activations per charge.

Flash Photography

Another thing that we would like to point out is that lowering your flashes recycle time down to the 0.1 seconds recycle will rapidly eat through your battery as more power is required to charge the flash quicker. On top of this, the lower the recycle time, the quicker your camera flash will heat up and potentially overheat.

Thankfully, the TT350S does have excellent heat dissipation technology that does a good job of trying to make sure that it won’t overheat quickly but just keep in mind that it is still a risk.

Akaso EK7000 Review – The Perfect Entry Level Action Camera?

More and more extreme sport enthusiasts are wanting to try their hand and getting their own YouTube channel and social media following going to potentially lead to an income source for their hobby. Now, one of the main problems with doing this is that most people don’t have the large amounts cash required to get the top of the range kit that many people recommend.

Thankfully, there is no need to fork out and purchase an expensive action camera if you are just starting your YouTube channel as the Akaso EK7000 is very cheap but does a great job of recording your video footage of your sport of choice. The video below shows exactly what you can expect when using the EK7000 for your videos as it was recorded using the cameras.

As you can see, for its price tag on the market, it is a pretty solid camera in all fairness and can save you up to seventy percent when you compare its cost to the latest cameras off the GoPro range. When it comes to your footage, you have multiple modes available that you can choose from depending on the situation. These include 4K/25fps, 2.7K/30fps, and 1080P/60fps that can all be quickly and easily switch between as required.

Now, we have lost count of the number of people who instantly switch to the 4K video resolution and never change the settings. Please, don’t do this as it drains your battery much quicker than the 1080p setting and its limited 25 frames per second can make your footage look jumpy if you are moving at a quick pace.


Now, to be clear, we are not saying never use the 4k feature, you most definitely should but try to use it to capture some high-quality B-roll footage where the slower frame rate will not be a problem. The 1080p setting on the camera running at 60 frames per second still provides some excellent image quality while also keeping everything smooth and natural looking without the random and strange jumps.

As we mentioned earlier, the 4K video setting really dos at through your battery life like there is no tomorrow and this can definitely be a pain. The 1080p video setting has been specifically designed to work as optimally as possible helping to keep your battery going for as long as possible. Although reports vary as the other settings on the camera do come into play, we have seen people reporting two to three hours of constant recording from a fully charged battery when using the 1080p video setting on the camera.

All in all though, the Akaso EK7000 is a solid little action camera that you can definitely pick up to help you get your YouTube channel started without having to break the bank. Its video performance is excellent for its price tag and its still photograph performance is also solid too.

Vivitar DVR917HD Review!

We have decided to publish a Vivitar dvr917hd review in an attempt to warn as many people as possible about just how poor the performance of this entry-level action camera is. Although ten years ago, this type of performance from a camera at this price point in the market was commonplace but the Vivitar range has simply been left for dust by their competition.

Rather than become stagnant and stop innovating their products as Vivitar have, competing budget friendly action camera brands are doing everything they can to make the best products possible. Brands like Campack and Asako keep innovating their entry-level cameras and dominating the niche beating the Vivitar action cameras in every single way.

The video below was recorded using the Vivitar dvr917hd and it shows the level of image quality, video quality, and audio quality that you can expect when using the camera.

Believe it or not, the video above actually shows a decent audio quality by dvr917hd standards as there are a ton of reports from people saying their cameras simply don’t record audio at all when in use. Cameras like this is one of the main reasons so many people questions if the entry-level action cameras are even worth picking up.

As we touched on above, the Akaso and Campack brands tent to produce solid products and that’s why they own so much of the market share. The video below was recorded using the Akaso Brave 4 and does a great job of showing what you can get for a similar price to the dvr917hd.

As you can see, it offers superior image quality and its 4K video performance is much better than what the dvr917hd offers you. Considering the Brave 4 comes in at a very similar price point to the Vivitar dvr917hd, we would always recommend that you pick it up instead.

Akaso Brave 4 Review – The Best Entry Level Action Cam On The Market?

We feel that it is about time we sit down and type up our dedicated Akaso Brave 4 Review and share our thoughts on this great, budget friendly, entry level, action camera that is becoming more and more popular each month as more people pick it up. Its low price point make it an attractive choice with its excellent performance pushing it out ahead of the competing entry level action cameras.

As Akaso have taken all the lessons they have learned from their previous generations of action camera and improved on them, it is no surprise that the Akaso Brave 4 has proven to be so popular. What we do find very surprising is that they are able to retail it at such a low price point. In our opinion, it easily competes with some cameras that are almost double the cost of it without you having to shell out the additional funds.

Here are some of the key features that we love about the Akaso Brave 4. We also feel that these are what most people will use on a regular basis when using the camera:-

  • 4K/24fps, 2K/30fps, and 1080P/60FPS video resolution
  • 20MP photo resolution.
  • Modern image stabilisation via the built in gyroscope.
  • Usable with multiple wireless protocols.
  • Variable photo view supporting 170°, 140°, 110°, and 70° degree view points.
  • When in its case, iit is waterproof to 100 feet.

In addition to this, the battery life has almost double when compared to previous generations of Akaso camera. Although it took a little time for Akaso to get their system right, their new battery and power system in the camera allow you to get more battery life out of a smaller, lighter battery helping to improve the performance of the camera.

As you can see in our feature list above, the Akaso Brave 4 supports a large number of different video resolutions. The video test footage below does a great job of displaying the type of quality that you are able to expect when using the camera.

Although the 20MP image sensor on the Akaso Brave 4 is made by Sony, the actual image codec is by Akaso but thankfully, both work together seamlessly as if they were designed to work hand in hand from the very start. This offers you an easy way to capture some excellent quality photos while out on your action sport adventures.

The navigation menu on the Akaso Brave 4 is also very easy to use. Akaso have take on board all the feedback about their previous user interface system that people complained about and have totally overhauled it. The new system on the Brave 4 action cam is very easy to pick up so if you are nw to using Akaso action cameras then we would imaging that you would b able to find your way around the navigation menu after playing with the camera for an hour or so.

Extreme Sports for Families

In our opinion, the Brave 4 offers an excellent and cheap way for you to enter the action cam market without having to over pay for a camera that under delivers. It is the ideal budget friendly alternative to a GoPro and while it dos not perform as well as a GoPro, it is less than a third of its price but provides much better performance than you would ever expect from a camera at this price point in the market.

We Think That This Is The Best Substrate For Corn Snakes!

More and more people are starting to switch over to using a natural, eco-friendly substrate for their pets as the distinct lack of preservatives within these substrates offer a healthier base layer for your pet. In our opinion, the best substrate for corn snakes available right now is definatley the Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding.

Since its release onto the market a few years back, this cypress mulch based substrate has only gone from strength to strength with it earning larger shares of the market each month. In addition to this, the reputation of the substrate is also increasing at a steady space amongst corn snake owners as well as people who own various types of spiders, lizards, and frogs.

Corn snake
As Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding is totally organic, it has zero chemicals or preservatives added to it removing the risk of any respiratory issues in your snake. Its organic nature and ease to break down also massively reduces the chances of the mulch causing any impactation in your snake either.

If you have owned your corn snake for any long period of time, you will know that your substrate is going to need cleaning as a part of your regular maintenance. Thankfully, in our opinion at least, cypress mulch is without a doubt, one of the easiest substrates to maintain and clean. It literally takes a few seconds out of your day and you can totally clean it and ensure you are giving your corn snake a nice and clean habitat.

As this is a Zoo Med substrate, it should be no surprise that you can pretty much get it at any pet store or via a massive number of online retail stores. We feel that this is a massive benefit as it lets you keep using the same substrate for your snake indefinitely without having to change it up each month letting your snake become comfortable with its habitat.

The video below is a third-party review from an independent corn snake owner sharing their thoughts on what the best substrate for corn snakes is. We feel that the video does an excellent job of getting their points across while also offering a few alternative substrates that you are able to go with if you don’t feel like using cypress mulch.

The cypress mulch substrate offers a great little surface for your snake to live on and is relatively close to what corn snakes may live on in the wild depending on where they live. Additionally, you are able to easily mount additional accessories in your snake’s tank with easy too as the mulch is firm and will act as a firm base rather than anything you add to the tank sinking or falling over.

Anyway, there are a large number of corn snake care sheets online that you can read if you like to get a ton of additional tips on how you can best care for your pet snake. If you are new to owning corn snakes we would highly recommend that you check one out if you have the time.

How To Find The Best Gimbal For Sony RX100 Cameras!

So we just wanted to post this short article going over the Zhiyun Crane M and why we feel that it is the best gimbal for Sony RX100 cameras on the market at the time of writing. Although there are an absolute ton of gimbals on the market these days, the RX100 comes in at just over half a pound in weight meaning that there is no need to shell out for an expensive gimbal system with a massive load capacity that you will never use.

As the Zhiyun Crane M is one of the newest gimbals in the Zhiyun range right now it also has some of the best technology currently available without you having to break the bank if you pick it up. It has a maximum load capacity of 1.43 pounds meaning that it can easily support your RX100s 0.53 pound camera body weight while also allowing you to mount your smartphone on it too if needed.

The Zhiyun Crane M is based around the standard 3-axis gimbal system that has been used my the vast majority of popular gimbal brands for a few years now due to how easy the system is to set up and use. As the Crane M has been designed to be as easy as possible for anyone to use, even if you have never used a gimbal before, you can rest assured that you will be confident using the gimbal after only a few hours or playing with it.

It comes with a maximum listed battery life per fully charged battery of around twelve hours. This ensures that you have all the juice you could ever need to get out and about and record all the video footage you need. It is also a very lightweight gimbal too meaning that it is easy to pack it up and take it on your travels with you. If you are wanting to get in to travel vlogging or something like that then the Zhiyun Crane M is perfect.

The video that we have embedded below shows a good example of the image quality and level of image stabilisation that the Zhiyun Crane M can provide for you when you choose it as your gimbal solution.


Just like all of the other Zhiyun gimbal systems on the market right now, the included quick release plate is based on the popular Manfrotto design that is used on all Manfrotto tripods as well as a number of third-party tripods too. This means that if your tripod also uses the Manfrotto quick release plate design like the Sirui t025x then you can quickly unmount your Sony RX100 from your gimbal and then quickly mount it to your tripod of choice.

So after all that, we hope we have managed to explain why we feel that the Zhiyun Crane M is such a great little gimbal stabiliser that really is a bargain for anyone who used the Sony RX100 as their go to camera of choice.

Why You Need the Best Gimbal for Panasonic G7 Cameras!

Gimbals are known as an accessory for pivoted videography which aim is to help the videographer maintain and balance the camera if they are shooting videos or taking photos outdoors. Gimbals provide you the ability to take amazing pictures without putting too much effort into it – like a professional they say. With gimbals, you can be at different angles to shoot while keeping your production’s quality.

In this article, you will be convinced why you need the best gimbal for Panasonic g7 cameras if you are not still purchasing one. Gimbals are referred to as handheld accessories which makes them versatile compared to other accessories of different cameras. It does not matter if you are using your gimbal for the purpose of commercial use or even for personal use. What matters the most is having quality images and videos and enjoying the endless benefits of having gimbal.

If you are not still sure why you need gimbals for your Panasonic G7 cameras, the following reasons might convince you to have one.

You Absolutely Does Not Want To Have Shaken Images

Way back then, gimbals are not yet invented and obviously, it does not being sold in the market. With that situation, all cameramen are just using their hands to hold the cameras when times of shooting. Some are using the tripod but still not guaranteed to shoot a hundred percent shake-free movements.

You Do Not Want To Spend Forever In Shooting Videos

Setting up over and over again because you need to change a certain direction of the camera is definitely time-consuming. Why you need the best gimbal for Panasonic G7 cameras? Simply because it is pivoted. This actually means that you can change one direction to another effortlessly – not wasting too much time locating your target subject.

You Don’t Want To Exert All Your Energy In Shooting Videos

Using a gimbal will not only save you more time but it will help you save more energy. Gimbals will not require you to hold the Panasonic G7 cameras until the end of the shoot but you only need your camera mounted on a gimbal. Most gimbals sold in the market are lightweight so it will not consume all your energy carrying r holding it.

Opteka Gimbal Mount repair / lube

You Might Want To Shoot Underwater Footages

If you want to capture images or shoot videos underwater, you will be needing gimbals – and will make it easier for you to get the job done.

You Do Not Want To Break & Lose Your Camera

Losing or breaking a camera does not depends on its price as long as it accidentally happens. Owning a gimbal will help you to hold your camera firmly so it would not slip off, break, or lose in your hands.

Final Few Words

Now that you already know the reasons why you need the best gimbal for Panasonic G7 cameras, you might want to have one in the future. With gimbals, you can enjoy numerous benefits from it and added features of your camera when shooting videos and taking photographs in excellent and professional quality. 

Why you need the Best Gimbal for Canon G7X Cameras!

With the current trend where tripods are being phased out and replaced by the more versatile gimbals, you will be forgiven for wanting to have one for your Canon G7X camera.

Perhaps you don’t fancy the idea of having to go down on your knees every time you are about to take footage or you are blessed with not so steady hands, you no longer have to worry, for a perfect gimbal will surely cover you against those. That is why, when it comes to choosing the gimbal for your G7X camera, you should only settle for the best.

A quality gimbal will give you the joy of shooting and capturing the best of moments even in a crowded environ with lots of movements, giving you smooth images and videos which are nothing less than expected of your majestic camera. For professional footages, where you will at one point have to move, the gimbal will ensure that you can run or walk (or even grab a snack) without compromising the stability of the video at hand.


Shaking is another thing that might ruin the quality of your videos or photos, but the gimbal will have you covered since it will accord you less shake and smoother video transitions while ensuring that you can shoot from whatever angle while maintaining the quality of the shoot.

The fact that the gimbal is a pivoted device will also save you time since when a change of lenses is inevitable, the gimbal will ensure that in roughly thirty seconds you will be back and rolling and at the same time if you are one of those photographers who is endowed with energy but loves sleeping on it, the gimbal will have you sorted as you will require minimal energy to adjust the camera in the position and angle of your desire.

If you are a fan of underwater or aerial photography using your Canon G7X camera, then you should deem a quality gimbal part of your gear as you embark on your adventures, thanks to its steadiness in such situations.         The gimbal also comes with mounting features for accessories like microphones and strobes which would come in handy if you are doing professional video shooting by not only maintaining the quality of the video while avoiding skipping important events but will also give you the ease of movement. The universal truth that you wouldn’t love the idea of losing or breaking your G7X courtesy of your hand becoming slippery is another reason why you need a gimbal which will give you a firm grip and in the process avert all these risks.

If you are also the type of a photographer who enjoys traveling light and hates to be bogged down by the weight of your camera accessories like the famous tripod, then you of all people need a quality gimbal for your Canon G7X camera, which is nothing short of a guarantee that your shoulder will still be intact after the session.

Whatever the case, it is advisable to settle for only the best gimbal for your cannon G7X camera.