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Why So Many People Are Disappointed In The Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer!

So the Sonic The Hedgehog trailer above was recently released and it has since received a very poor response from the gaming community. The trailer above is almost split 50/50 down the middle between likes and dislikes. Considering that the standard for a movie trailer is around 90/10 likes to dislikes, it should give a good idea of how bad people feel about it.

So, they have made Sonic an alien now who goes around making wisecracks with the military and Dr Robotinc trying to catch him for various reasons. In addition to this, the general opinion seems to be that the CGI for Sonic has been poorly done and that the human teeth that he is sporting in the trailer above make the character look more like a monster than a hero.

Although we feel that this movie would have been right at home in the Eighties or early Nineties, we are currently in 2019 and gaming movies have totally upped their game over the years. The trailer got so much stick on social media and sites like Reddit that a press release has been put out confirming that they are going to reword the CGI on Sonic but we can’t help feeling that it will be a case of too little, too late.


This has resulted in a number of memes being produced about the movie like the one above and the trailer has only been online a few days. If the apparent leaks of the story line are anything to go by, we feel that the movie may be a hit with some very young gamers who probably don’t even know who Sonic is but be a total flop when it comes to the people who grew up actually playing the various Sonic The Hedgehog games.

Should You Be Drinking Fizzy Drinks On The Keto Diet?

More and more people are catching on to how effective the Keto Diet can actually be for them. Due to this, we have noticed a bunch of questions on forums, social media, and on keto based social bookmarking sites about what you can and can’t have on the diet.

Without a doubt, the main one that we keep seeing posted is about fizzy drinks on the keto diet. In the west, brands like Coke and Pepsi literally spend millions each year to essentially get people to build habits around drinking their products.

As the Keto diet is based around cutting out all carbohydrates, the full sugar regular drinks like Coke Cola are not permitted on the diet but that said, the majority of the diet variants of the drinks are. That said, you should not drink more than two cans per day of the diet variant while on keto as you risk falling out of ketosis.

Diet Coke
On the flip side of this though, some popular drinks brands out there actually use sweeteners that are able to kick some people out of ketosis. It is all down to your own body and how it deals with the artificial sugars. After a little research, it would seem that both Aspartame and Acesulfame K are the least likely sweeteners to knock your body out of ketosis.

That said, on the flip side of this, both of these sweeteners are the regular ones used in diet fizzy drinks in Europe but in North America, the FDA regulations allow for a whole bunch of other artificial sweeteners to be used. We would recommend that you always read the lable of your drink before drinking.

On top of this, different countries usually have a slightly different recipe for popular drinks. For example, a Diet Coke from Europe could be fine for ketosis but a Diet Coke from the USA may kick you out.



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If possible, try to switch your fizzy drink habit over to drinking either a high-quality tea or a high-quality coffee as both as totally fine on Keto provided that you don’t add any sugar to them. If your goal for going on the keto diet is to drop weight then the caffeine in tea and coffee can actually help assist you with your weightloss anyway.

Our Akaso V50 Review Post!

We have finally got the spare time we need to publish our Akaso V50 review post that we have had on our to-do list for quite some time now so thought we would sit down and smash this post out. With more and more people feeling the pinch, the budget-friendly action cam market has exploded in popularity over the last few years with the premium brands like GoPro losing large portions of market share to the entry level brands like Asako.

Not only are the GoPro cameras extremely expensive, they don’t really offer much other than branding over the high-quality entry-level action cams these days. Now, don’t get me wrong, the entry-level action camera market is a total minefield piled with terrible products but the Akaso camera range is amazing.

Rather than try and set themselves up as a premium action camera brand and fight an uphill battle, they focused on being the go-to entry-level action camera brand of choice. Due to all of the hard work and dedication that they put in, Akaso has raised the bar for budget-friendly action cameras with each subsequent generation of camera that they have released.

With the Akaso V50 being their latest camera on the market, it is jam-packed with all of their latest technology boasting 4K video recording up to 60 frames per second too! This is a massive milestone for the entry-level action camera market to reach as Akaso and Campark have kind of had their own little battle going to see who could reach it first.

In addition to the full 4K video, the V50 also supports 1080p as well as an extremely high frame rate 720p with 240 frames per second! This keeps you covered for pretty much any video footage requirements that you can think of while out enjoying your extreme sport of choice.

The build in digital image stabilization was already leading the entry level market back in the Akaso Brave 4 but the tech has been developed even further for the V50 and it is excellent. In our opinion, it beats the performance of the higher price point Garmin range without issue.

Due to this, the V50 is a very popular camera and has a ton of reviews online now that you can check out for further information. We have embedded the YouTube video review of the Akaso V50 below as we feel that it is one of the better video reviews on the market.

When it comes to still photography, the V50 is able to capture photos in a resolution of up to 20MP while also having some excellent low light performance too.

We always try to find at least one major fault with each product that we review but everything on the V50 is outstanding from build quality to performance, to battery life, to the navigation menu. We simply couldn’t find fault with it and would definatley recommend it to anyone wanting to pick up a great little action cam.

We even feel that the V50 should be considered of the majority of the mid ranged action cams on the market right now as its technology and performance is better than many of them while currently being around half of the cost.

Tips For Starting A YouTube Channel!

More and more young people are classing social media influencer/YouTuber as their goal profession in the future. Although it seems easy, it does require an absolute ton of work as well as a fair amount of luck to make it in this industry.

This is why we have decided to publish this article covering our key tips to becoming a successful YouTuber to try and help stack the odds in your favor. This should help maximize your chances of success while also minimizing your chances of failure.

In our opinion, the absolute best way to be successful as a YouTuber in this day and age is to be helpful. Everyone has a set of hobbies that they are able to share with the world and use to their advantage. For example, there are YouTube channels ranging from cooking to tabletop gaming, to rock collecting, to painting. Starting a niche channel around your hobby and sharing your knowledge is an excellent way to get people interested and increase the chances of likes on your videos and viewers choosing to become subscribers.

Origami YouTube
In our opinion, the next best way to grow your base is to be controversial with your channel. With the left and right being so polarised right now, there are a ton of channels that have came out and proven to be successful due to being controversial. Although you will essentially alienate a large number of people out there, the strategy is to play to your base and increase the chances of those subscribing to you.

In our opinion, the final type of content that is worth putting our is an attempt at entertaining content but we feel that this niche is quickly dying. People who watch YouTube videos are maturing and the old school fake pranks are becoming more and more annoying.

The entertainment channel space is packed with competing channels and the viewer base is declining month by month so we would recommend either of the content types above over an attempt at an entertainment channel.

So now you have your content, you have to get out there and promote it! Depending on your content niche, you have a few options that will fall into your strategy. For example, social media is a great option for entertainment and controversial style channels as the videos may go viral. On the flip side of this, if you are doing a review or tutorial style channel Social Media can be a poor promotion option.

If you are doing a helpful type of channel then YouTube SEO and YouTubeĀ Sidebar SEO should be your starting point. Although YouTube is a video based site, it is also the second largest search engine in the western world. After this you should be considering trying your hand at traditional search engine SEO to help bring in a constant stream of traffic.

Since the ad revenue on YouTube is collapsing, you have to diversify your income right out the gate to ensure that you can keep focusing on YouTube for as long as possible. With programs like Patreon and the Brave Verified Publisher scheme being so popular there is no reason that you can’t use them from the get go.

Once your channel becomes for established you can move into having your own merchandise or have your own branded items. Depending on the niche of your channel you may also be able to get involved with affiliate marketing and sponsored content too.

Our Thoughts On The Final Season Of Game Of Thrones!



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So the long-awaited final season of Game Of Thrones starts tonight with fans all around the world coming out with their predictions so I thought that I would share a few of my own! Now if you have been keeping up with the series then everyone will be expecting a large number of main character deaths so we will actually be saving our death predictions for another post in the future.



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Definitely didn’t just cry at this scene… #hodor #holdthedoor

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Our first prediction is that Hodor will actually come back in the final season but rather than being his regular happy self, he will actually be either a regular White that Bran Stark along with Jogen and Meira Reid fought outside of the tree of the Greenseer or as an actually white walker with the blue eyes and everything!

Although we doubt that there will be any significance to this, we feel it would be a nice final tip of the hat to one of the most loved characters from the show for the final season.

A Game of Thrones - Brienne of Tarth

Next up, we have Lady Brienne of Tarth who has served her fair share of kings, lords, and ladies throughout the show. Although the person she is serving may have changed a fair bit over the years, she has had this on-off kind of romance going with Jamie Lannister for some time now.

Although Jamie was previously madly in love with his twin sister, he was finally seen her for the evil queen that she is. After betraying her in the final episode of the previous season, we feel that there may yet be a chance for Brienne and Jamie.



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Our final prediction is regarding Bran Stark. After we realized that Bran is able to time travel with his mind when Warging in the episode where Hodor died, we think that Bran may actually end up being the Night King.

Although we have seen the clip of the children of the forest making the night king shown in the YouTube clip below, we think that there may end up being some timeline effect involved due to brans Warging.

Following on from this theory, we think that there could be a plot twist where the night king actually ends up being a sort of good guy. By this we mean that although his methods are bad, his actual goals and intentions are for the overall good of everyone.

Should You Be Investing In OmiseGo?

Cryptocurrency Brokers

Back in 2017, just before the massive bull run in the cryptocurrency space, there was one token that was held in the highest possible regard and looked to be one of, if not the most promising token to be released today and that token was OmiseGo.

The technology behind the token is being developed by Omise who are currently the largest payment processing company in Thailand. The idea behind the blockchain project is to help Omise reduce the fees that they have to charge their merchants while also helping to speed up transactions.

In addition to this, Omise are also planning on creating a decentralized exchange as well as a front end e-wallet suit where people can trade their loyalty points with other people. They released, their centralized exchange a few weeks back and plan to move that over to their blockchain to act as a decentralized exchange in the future.

OmiseGo are also developing the Plasma scaling solution for the Ethereum network too. Although they have only just released their main net alpha test coming in at around 1700 transactions per second, both the OmiseGo leadership as well as some Ethereum senior leadership are confident that the Plasma chain will eventually support over 100,000 transactions per second. This will make it quicker than its largest competing service, Visa.

Gibraltar Stock Exchange Launches Listings of Blockchain-Based Securities
The potential for this project is huge and we feel that the OmiseGo token can easily become a top ten and potentially top five token by market cap. That said though, the project has been set back multiple times now with more delays expected by the community too. On top of this, the task that the OmiseGo team are trying to fix is very complex and will take a whole bunch of time and effort with a risk that they may fail too.

With the current price of a single OmiseGo token being around the $2 mark we feel that it definatley has the potential to increase in the future. Although Omise initially stated they would move all of the merchants who use their payment processing system over to the OmiseGo network when launched, they have since change this to say that companies would have to voluntarily move over.

On the flip side of this though, it is very likley in our opinion that many of their existing merchants will end up moving over to the OmiseGo network as it has the potential to be much cheaper while also much quicker than the current solutions on the market.

If this does happen then many people predict that a single OmiseGo token has a base value of around $10-$20 just from the current business Omise have. Once the technology has been proven we suspect that many more merchants will want to move over to the OmiseGo network to reduce their costs and increase their profits that can push this price point much higher.

The video below offers a price prediction for OmiseGo if all of the above happens and the OmiseGo team are able to complete the project successfully.

Everything You Should Know About the Best Gimbal for Cannon 80d Cameras!

Shaking shots are a no no in photography because such affect the quality and artistic value of works. Thanks to technological advancements, we now have the gimbal stabilizer to hold your camera in place and not shoot shaky videos.

The focus of this article is to intimate you with all you need to know about the best gimbal for your camera specifically the Canon 80D, after much research putting into consideration the specifications, manual controls, quality, size and prices of handheld gimbal stabilizers, three gimbal stabilizers have come up top as the best stabilizers for Canon 80D cameras. They are;

Zhiyun Crane

  1. Zhiyun Crane 2: This handheld gimbal has a max payload of 7 lb. /3.18 kg which allows it to accommodate the cannon 80D which has a payload of 1.6lb/0.73 kg and this makes room for any lens you decide to use with your camera. It also comes with three lithium-ion batteries that give you 18hours of battery life on a single charge and an OLED display screen that shows all manual options and even the battery percentage. The gimbal also has a mode button that allows you to choose between four modes; the padlock mode (which allows for pan but no tilt), lock mode (this mode locks the camera in one position and keeps it steady), follow mode (allows for pan and tilt) and the selfie mode (does a 180 degrees spin to point the camera at you).
  2. DJI Ronin-S: This gimbal is a single grip 3-Axis gimbal with a great reputation in the photography world. It weighs 4.5lb/3.6 kg without any camera or lens attached to it, regardless of this, it has a payload of 7.94lb/3.6kg thereby making it compatible with the Canon 80D. It offers 12hours of use on a single charge, unlike the Zhiyun Crane 2, this gimbal charges using a USB charge outlet, this might pose a challenge since you would have to plug to a power outlet, an upside to it is that you can actually recharge on the go with the use of a power bank. A big advantage this gimbal has over the Zhiyun Crane 2 is its 45degrees rear motor arm which allows you to see what you are recording and make amends while recording it. The joystick controls on this gimbal are also notĀ responsive than on the Zhiyun crane 2.
  3. FeiyuTech a1000: Even though Feiyutech is not a mainstream brand like Zhiyun and DJI, they are gradually making their way up in the gimbal industry. One of the reasons for its inclusion in this list is that it is very affordable, though it has a total payload of 3.75lb/1.7kg with does not leave much room for a big lens after accommodating the Canon 80D’s load of 1.61lb/0.73, it will still accommodate most standard lens. This gimbal offers a 360 degrees rotation in all axis, has an auto rotate option that can be set manually or automatically and also has an automatic shutter function.

ZhiYun Z1 Evolution_0278

Features To Look For In The Best Lens For Portraits For A Sony A6000!

There is absolutely no denying that the Sony A6000 is a very popular camera body that is steadily increasing in popularity even to this day and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In addition to this, portrait photography is probably the second largest photography niche after landscape photography.

Due to this, we would imagine that there are a large number of portrait photographers looking for advice on how to find the best lens for portraits for a Sony a6000 camera. We have decided to publish this article to try and cover what you should be looking for in a potential portrait lens as well as recommending a number of different lenses throughout the article.

We know that there are some dedicated articles online that specifically focus on actual lenses to pick up for portrait photography if you own a Sony A6000. On the flip side of this though, if for whatever reason you don’t want to or can’t afford those lenses, the often leave out the actual features you should be trying to find in the lens.


Focal Length

In our opinion, the first and foremost think that you should take into account when looking for an ideal portrait lens for your Sony A6000 is its focal length. Although there are some portrait photography sub-niches where this may change, the vast majority of the community would agree that you are wanting to pick up a lens that ranges between 35mm to 50mm focal length.

This will provide you with optimal focus on the subjects of your photographs and allow you to capture their portraits with the best possible image quality. Ideally, you would be looking to pick up something like either the Sony 50mm f/1.8 OSS or its little brother, the Sony 35mm f/1.8 OSS. Both of these lenses are solid options for portrait photography when using a Sony A6000 and will serve you well.


Although the best aperture for portrait photography is up for debate, we personally prefer to use a lens with an aperture of f/2.8 at the very highest with an aperture of f/1.8 being ideal in our opinion. This will provide you with some superior low light performance and ensure that you are able to capture the subject of your photography in any situation.

Realistically, there is not much else to say about the aperture of a lens to get the best portrait photography performance but just keep in mind, a general rule of thumb for lenses is that the lower the aperture, the higher the price tag but this is not necessarily always the case.

Depth Of Field

The depth of field of a lens is another important thing to factor into a potential lens of choice when shopping for a portrait lens. Following on from the two points above though, a focal length between 35mm and 50mm as well as an aperture of under f/2.8 should provide you with an optimal depth of field for your photographs.

Additionally, this will also tend to provide you with the capability to manipulate your levels of bokeh in your photographs without issue. Although the amount of bokeh on any given photography usually comes down to either the photographer’s personal style or the gig specification from the client, you should always be using a lens that is able to allow you to tweak your bokeh as required.


Image Sharpness

Again, this is something that is going to come down to the photographer’s personal style and the requirements of the client but a sharp lens that can provide some extremely sharp images can also be ideal for portrait photography.

In our opinion, if you want a sharp lens for your portraits then the Sigma 60mm F2.8 EX DN Art lens is the obvious choice. The Sigma Art range is renowned for being one of, if not the sharpest lens range currently available on the market right now and the Sigma 60mm is not only budget friendly but also an excellent choice for portrait photography.

Native A6000 Compatibility

Although we know there are a number of lens converters and adapters on the market that can allow you to use a ton of non-native lenses with your A6000, we would always recommend that you try your hardest to find one that has the Sony E-mount connector as standard and ideally, have a metal mount connector too.

Although this may seen like common sense, we see that time and time again people pick up a cheap little portrait lens for their Sony camera only to find that they have to pick up an expensive lens adaptor to mount it on their camera body.

This can easily ramp the costs of the lens up to over what it would be just to pick up a native E-mount lens in the first place. All three of the lenses that we have mentioned in this article come with the E-mountĀ  as standard and will mount directly on your A6000 camera body without issue.

Another thing to look out for, especially in the budget-friendly price range is the use of plastic lens mounts on the lens. Although they can be a great way to reduce costs, the plastic can warp in shape over time making it a nightmare to mount or unmount from your camera.

If you are on a very tight budget then we would recommend that you watch the video below that specifically covers the best budget portrait lenses for your Sony camera.

Wrapping It Up

We feel that there are plenty of lenses on the market that meets the requirements that we have highlighted for a portrait lens above. In addition to this, the number of available lenses increases further if you as slightly open to tweaking the recommendations. For example, upping the maximum focal length you are willing to use from 50mm up to 60mm.

Trying to gt the tick in the box for as many of our recommendations above as possible will see you right through and ensure that you get a solid little lens that will perform great on your Sony A6000 and allow you to capture some excellent portrait photographs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gimbals And Mountain Biking!

Due to the increasing demand for gimbals by people of all walks of life, because of the stress free attribute which allows you to document your experiences, shoot stable vides and capture great moments most especially on adventures like mountain biking. There is increase in gimbal users every day and with it a higher demand and lots of questions by new users and old users alike. I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about gimbals and mountain biking and tried to offer answers to such questions, these are some of the frequently asked questions:


  • What gimbal should I get on my mountain biking trip? This is one of the most frequently asked questions about gimbals and mountain biking. In choosing a gimbal to buy for your mountain biking trip, there are certain things you should consider; the battery life, payload, portability, features and the cost. As regards the battery life, the Shayon Crane 2 is the best option for you because it offers 18hours of battery life on a full charge, this will last long on your mountain biking trip. The Zhiyun Crane plus gets a high point on the portability side because it is very lightweight.
  • What do I do when my gimbal stabilizer is vibrating on my trip: When this happens, check and adjust the balance of your camera’s center of mass, the pitch axis, height roll and yaw axes. There is a big probability that your camera is not well placed on the pitch, so go ahead and readjust it, then you are good to go.
  • What do I do when my stabilizer is tilting from left to right and then turning off: This happens when your gimbal is not well oriented, remove your camera and then reorient the gimbal before reattaching your camera?
  • Can I hold a gimbal stabilizer in my hand? Yes you can, there are gimbals specifically designed to be handheld, most smartphone gimbals are handheld. There are ranges you can pick from according to your need: Neewer NN-2AG200, Hohem handheld smartphone gimbal,Zhiyun smooth 4 handheld smartphone gimbal are some of the handheld gimbals available to mention a few.
  • Can I by a wearable gimbal and attaches a stick later to use? Most gimbals can be attached to a tripod, so when you shop for your gimbal, buy one that has the space for it to be attached to a tripod so you can make use of a tripod later. Some gimbals that can be attached to a tripod include Zhiyun Smooth 3 smartphone gimbal, Hohem handheld smartphone gimbal, Zhiyun smooth 4 handheld gimbal to mention a few on the market.
  • What if my stabilizer is not level with the horizon? This happens when you accelerometer is not well calibrated, to solve this, go ahead and recalibrate your accelerometer.
  • Can I connect my gimbal to a PC? Yes, you can always connect your gimbal with a PC, all you have to do is download compatible software from the brand of your gimbal, follow the instructions to set up and you are good to go.

How To Install A Whiteboard In Your Home!

Although we are living in an increasingly digital world, there is one strange trend that is catching on that is distinctly taking a step back from technology. More and more people are choosing to use whiteboards in their homes for various uses.

Be it in the kitchen to write down your shopping list, in your home office to write down your to do list, in your garage to track your hobby or for something totally different. Due to this, we have seen a bunch of people reaching out to ask how they can best install their whiteboards in their homes as shown in the image below.

org chart
Without a doubt, the main problem that we see comes down to people choosing the wall randomly. A standard drywall installation can be decent but over time, if you have a large whiteboard it can start to take its toll on the wall. Thicker more sturdy walls like a load-bearing wall tend to be better and although the screws you get included with your whiteboard should be fine, there is usually no harm in using any longer ones you have in home.

Anyway, this is much easier if you have two people as one can hold the whiteboard in place while the other screws it in. If you do have to do this single-handedly then think of things that you can use to help you in your home. For example, we have seen some YouTube videos where people simply use a broom pushed to the bottom of the whiteboard to help keep it up, they then lean against it to hold it in place and have two hands-free to screw it in the wall.

On the flip side of this, if you do only want your whiteboard for your kitchen then a simple magnetic whiteboard as shown in the image below will be perfect. They are much easier to use as you simply place it on your fridge door and it will mount itself similar to a fridge magnet.

fridge whiteboard