Akaso EK7000 Review – The Perfect Entry Level Action Camera?

More and more extreme sport enthusiasts are wanting to try their hand and getting their own YouTube channel and social media following going to potentially lead to an income source for their hobby. Now, one of the main problems with doing this is that most people don’t have the large amounts cash required to get the top of the range kit that many people recommend.

Thankfully, there is no need to fork out and purchase an expensive action camera if you are just starting your YouTube channel as the Akaso EK7000 is very cheap but does a great job of recording your video footage of your sport of choice. The video below shows exactly what you can expect when using the EK7000 for your videos as it was recorded using the cameras.

As you can see, for its price tag on the market, it is a pretty solid camera in all fairness and can save you up to seventy percent when you compare its cost to the latest cameras off the GoPro range. When it comes to your footage, you have multiple modes available that you can choose from depending on the situation. These include 4K/25fps, 2.7K/30fps, and 1080P/60fps that can all be quickly and easily switch between as required.

Now, we have lost count of the number of people who instantly switch to the 4K video resolution and never change the settings. Please, don’t do this as it drains your battery much quicker than the 1080p setting and its limited 25 frames per second can make your footage look jumpy if you are moving at a quick pace.


Now, to be clear, we are not saying never use the 4k feature, you most definitely should but try to use it to capture some high-quality B-roll footage where the slower frame rate will not be a problem. The 1080p setting on the camera running at 60 frames per second still provides some excellent image quality while also keeping everything smooth and natural looking without the random and strange jumps.

As we mentioned earlier, the 4K video setting really dos at through your battery life like there is no tomorrow and this can definitely be a pain. The 1080p video setting has been specifically designed to work as optimally as possible helping to keep your battery going for as long as possible. Although reports vary as the other settings on the camera do come into play, we have seen people reporting two to three hours of constant recording from a fully charged battery when using the 1080p video setting on the camera.

All in all though, the Akaso EK7000 is a solid little action camera that you can definitely pick up to help you get your YouTube channel started without having to break the bank. Its video performance is excellent for its price tag and its still photograph performance is also solid too.