Akaso Brave 4 Review – The Best Entry Level Action Cam On The Market?

We feel that it is about time we sit down and type up our dedicated Akaso Brave 4 Review and share our thoughts on this great, budget friendly, entry level, action camera that is becoming more and more popular each month as more people pick it up. Its low price point make it an attractive choice with its excellent performance pushing it out ahead of the competing entry level action cameras.

As Akaso have taken all the lessons they have learned from their previous generations of action camera and improved on them, it is no surprise that the Akaso Brave 4 has proven to be so popular. What we do find very surprising is that they are able to retail it at such a low price point. In our opinion, it easily competes with some cameras that are almost double the cost of it without you having to shell out the additional funds.

Here are some of the key features that we love about the Akaso Brave 4. We also feel that these are what most people will use on a regular basis when using the camera:-

  • 4K/24fps, 2K/30fps, and 1080P/60FPS video resolution
  • 20MP photo resolution.
  • Modern image stabilisation via the built in gyroscope.
  • Usable with multiple wireless protocols.
  • Variable photo view supporting 170°, 140°, 110°, and 70° degree view points.
  • When in its case, iit is waterproof to 100 feet.

In addition to this, the battery life has almost double when compared to previous generations of Akaso camera. Although it took a little time for Akaso to get their system right, their new battery and power system in the camera allow you to get more battery life out of a smaller, lighter battery helping to improve the performance of the camera.

As you can see in our feature list above, the Akaso Brave 4 supports a large number of different video resolutions. The video test footage below does a great job of displaying the type of quality that you are able to expect when using the camera.

Although the 20MP image sensor on the Akaso Brave 4 is made by Sony, the actual image codec is by Akaso but thankfully, both work together seamlessly as if they were designed to work hand in hand from the very start. This offers you an easy way to capture some excellent quality photos while out on your action sport adventures.

The navigation menu on the Akaso Brave 4 is also very easy to use. Akaso have take on board all the feedback about their previous user interface system that people complained about and have totally overhauled it. The new system on the Brave 4 action cam is very easy to pick up so if you are nw to using Akaso action cameras then we would imaging that you would b able to find your way around the navigation menu after playing with the camera for an hour or so.

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In our opinion, the Brave 4 offers an excellent and cheap way for you to enter the action cam market without having to over pay for a camera that under delivers. It is the ideal budget friendly alternative to a GoPro and while it dos not perform as well as a GoPro, it is less than a third of its price but provides much better performance than you would ever expect from a camera at this price point in the market.