A Basic Feiyutech A1000 Review To Help Our Readers!

So, we have seen a constant increase in the number of people wanting to pick up a cheap gimbal over the last few months for a number of reasons. Be it due to the freelance videography scene becoming more and more competitive or if it is down you wanting to up your YouTuve game, we have the perfect Gimbale for you.

In this article covering our Feiyutech A1000 review, we are going to be covering why we feel that this could be the answer to all of your problems. It is very well built having one of the best build qualities of all the entry level gimbals systems on the market right now. In addition to this, the performance of the A1000 is second to none at this price point too. Finally, its feature list is massive and easily lets the gimbal compete with higher price point gimbals on the market without question.


The 3.75-pound maximum payload capacity of the A1000 also ensures that it can carry the vast majority of cameras on the market right now only excluding some of the absolute heaviest DSLRs. This alone sets it ahead of its competition as many of them have a maximum upper payload of less than 2 pounds.

When using the A1000 you can quickly and easily switch between recording your video footage with your smartphone, then switch over to your mirrorless camera, then switch over to your action cam, and finally, switch over to your point and shoot camera.

This is very rare at this price point in the market and the 3.75 pound payload ensures that there is plenty of spare payload for your lens of choice to ensure that you can get the best possible video footage with the gimbal.

Nebula 5100 - Gimbal
The actual hand grip on the gimbal stabilizer is a little different to the ones that its competitors use so it will take you a little while to get used to it. After a while though, it will become like second nature to you with the gimbal and your mounted camera rig simply feeling like an extension of your arm.

When held in your hand, you are able to control the majority of the gimbals settings via the directional pad using your thumb. If you are wanting to control the gimbal remotley then you can use a dedicated remote control or the free Feiyutech smartphone app that is suprisingly easy to use when compaired to the apps of some of the other gimbal brands.

Although the internal anti-shake algorithm on the Feiyutech A1000 did get some stick upon release as it had a few bugs, Feiyutech have since ironed these out via a few firmware updates over the last year or so. That said, if you do choose to pick this gimbal up then be sure to ensure that it is running the latest firmware via the built-in, easy to use auto-update system.

When running correctly, the anti-shake algorithm ensures that the A1000 is able to provide all the image stabilization that you could ever need for your camera. This is why the A1000 is so popular with so many reviews of the gimbal being online these days.

The video below is one of the many independent YouTube reviews of the A1000 that we feel may be beneficial for our readers to check out if they have the free time available.

As the a1000 is an entry level gimbal system, we would highly recommend that our readers check out this gimbal videography guide that will help you get the best results out of the gimbal with minimal effort. We feel this combination will help you get your gimbal skills up to scratch while ensuring that you are able to capture the best possible image quality with minimal effort.